Rebuilding Marital Trust and Love

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Anxiety is the most common psychological conflict in adults and in youth. Unless properly addressed, it can grow to create severe stress and even mistrust that can seriously interfere with psychological and physical health, as well romantic love, the marital friendship and the total gift of oneself to one's spouse and children. In fact, anxiety and later mistrust can harm the safe feeling in the marriage which then results in walls unconsciously being put up. When this occurs feelings of love regularly decrease, even to the point of sometimes questioning one's for the spouse.

A source of this conflict is the denied anxiety, mistrust and anger from childhood with a parent which can emerge under stress and be misdirected at one's spouse. The harm it causes to marriage, as well as its manifestations, origins and healing are described by growth in self-knowledge, trust and other virtues. Fortunately, a healing path exists for rebuilding trust and then restoring love in most Catholic marriages.

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Trust Ch.5
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